Ella Fitzgerald Stage at Parc La Grange
Avenue Alice-et-William-Favre 19, 1207 Genève

Concerts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They start at 9pm.
Admission to the concerts is free and without reservation.

How to get to the Ella Fitzgerald Stage?

Le parc La Grange a 4 entrées principales:
→ Quai Gustave-Ador (tpg stop Parcs, closing at 10 p.m.)
→ Avenue Alice-et-William-Favre
→ Route de Frontenex (tpg stop Eaux-Vives-Bloch / CFF stop Eaux-Vives-Gare)
→ Parc des Eaux-Vives close by

The City of Geneva aims to promote green transport:

On foot:
Approx. 35 min from Cornavin station
Approx. 15 min from Genève – Eaux-Vives-Gare

By bike, scooter, skateboard, etc.:
Approx. 15 min from Cornavin station
Approx. 5 min from Genève – Eaux-Vives-Gare

En train:
Stop: Eaux-Vives-Gare
Léman Express / CFF

Refreshment bar

A refreshment bar is available from 6pm onwards on concert nights.
Drinks and snacks are available.
Water fountains are available near the stage.


The stage is outdoors.
Chairs are available for some concerts only. Please note that quantities are limited! Details on the page of each concert.

A special platform for people with reduced mobility will be set up. For more details on accessibility, please refer to the information on the website Scène Ella Fitzgerald

In case of bad weather

The concerts on the Ella Fitzgerald Stage are open-air and take place in all weathers.

In case of high weather risks (storm), for safety reasons, the Musiques en été team reserves the right to cancel the show. Please follow the instructions of the organisers on site or refer to the Facebook or Instagram page of the event. facebook.com/MusiquesEnEte/ or instagram.com/musiquesenete/

Let’s reduce our waste!

Thank you for respecting the environment and Parc La Grange. The City of Geneva is committed to focusing on climate issues as a priority. Musiques en été is fully in line with this action by implementing a series of concrete measures to reduce CO2 emissions.

The Musiques en été teams work hard to keep the sites clean. Help them, it’s easy! Don’t leave your rubbish on the lawns and put it in the sorting bins provided.

Zero sexism in my city

As part of its policy to promote equality between women and men, the City of Geneva is committed to preventing sexist and sexual violence. Particular emphasis is placed on the prevention of sexism and harassment in the public space, to strengthen the right of each person to be able to use public spaces in the city with peace of mind.

What are we talking about?
Acts that violate the dignity of a person because of their gender, sexual and/or emotional orientation, gender identity or expression. They can take the form of insistent looks, inappropriate remarks, intrusive attitudes, insults, threats, touching, acts of exhibition, or attacks on physical and/or sexual integrity. They sometimes occur in the street, but also in transport, parks, demonstrations, places of celebration, training and sports practice, etc.

Who is affected and how?
Everybody is concerned.

As a witness, how to act?
There are several ways to act because each situation is different and must be assessed according to the context.

More information
Leaflet Objective zero sexism in my city - "Witnesses"


Department of Culture and Digital Transition of the City of Geneva – Cultural Service
Route de Malagnou 17, 1208 Geneva
Phone. +41(0)22 418 65 00


Christian Tschannen, administrator
Ève-Anouk Jebejian, cultural advisor and classical programme curator
Nelson Schaer, music programme curator and productions (Jaydo’s Productions)
Ernie Odoom administration and productions (Jaydo’s Productions)
Gaëlle Amoudruz, promotion and communications officer
Antoine Milesi, community manager
Mehdi Ghennoune, grants and events manager
André Vouilloz, Head of Cultural Scenes
Lorraine Dinkel et Julien Dinkel, welcome artists
Zofia Klyta-Lacombe, welcome staff manager
Gaël Dupanloup et Jorge Cantalapiedra, technical managers
Fabio Bennici, David Chesnel, Patrice Delahaye, Joaquim Gomes, Antoine La Mendola, Alexandre Lefrançois, Ignacio Millapani, Christophe Suchet, Laurent Surrier, Thierry van Osselt, Mathieu Declémy, Simon Graziano, Guillaume Lurne, Loïc Stankiewicz, Nils Widmer, tecnicians
Nola Perret-Jeanneret, Yanis Python, apprentice technician
Pierre Brunel, in charge of preventive security
Sébastien Houchidar, website, Information and Communication Department of the City of Geneva
Aurore Buffat et Aurélien Martin, refreshment bar managers
Ilôt 13, Catering
Schaffter Sahli, graphic design
Lorraine Dinkel et Julien Dinkel, Sassoun Arapian et Grégory Rauber pour Hors Portée, Stephan MacLeod pour Gli Angeli Genève, texts
Julie Weidmann, proofreading
AJS Craker, translation

Press contact

Department of Culture and Digital Transition – Cultural Service
Route de Malagnou 17, 1208 Geneva
Gaëlle Amoudruz, communications officer
T. +41 (0)22 418 65 19 / gaelle.amoudruz@ville-ge.ch

Documents for download
Dossier de presse (pdf 500 ko - in French)