Genève, ville du Goût 2021

Feed the City

Nourrir la Ville (Feed the City) is the programme carried out by the Agenda 21 – Sustainable city department of the City of Geneva to promote local agriculture products, to make the population aware of healthy eating and to developp urban agriculture.

With a view to food sovereignty, city-dwellers are primarily concerned by food products to which they have access as well as the associated production, processing and distribution methods. City-dwellers should have access to high-quality products, be able to maintain dialogue with the agricultural sector and benefit from transparent information concerning the food value chains. Ultimately, their environment should be conducive to their involvement, making them stakeholders of local, healthy and seasonal food.

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Promoting local agricultural products

It is all about promoting agriculture close to the markets it serves, re-connecting the city and the country and strengthening the ties between producers and the urban population. The City of Geneva thus encourages the production, distribution and processing of local food products among the population.

Making the population aware of healthy eating

Production and consumption behaviour play a key role in ensuring sustainable, high-quality food. As a result, the City of Geneva organises a number of public awareness events and develops tools intended for the general population with the aim of developing consumer practices that are socially and ecologically responsible.

Developping urban agriculture

More and more people want to grow food in the city, be it to see more nature in the urban environment, to know where their food comes from or to enjoy doing an outdoor activity with their neighbours. The City of Geneva supports several initiatives in this field with the aim of bringing nature and biodiversity into the city.